Products and Systems 型材和系统解决方案

Exel Composites provides many ready products and solutions for various applications.


Exel composites is the world’s leading supplier of frangible support structures to airports.

Exel’s extremely light yet rigid composite structures are the optimum choice for airport safety in every respect.

With more than 20 years of experience in airport structures, Exel’s products meet the needs of frangibility, rigidity, low mass and transparency to electromagnetic signals perfectly.


We offer a full set of composite structures for airport safety: 我们为机场安全性提供全套的复合材料结构

  • Frangible masts and towers for approach lightning进场灯光系统的易碎桅杆和塔架
  • Frangible Masts for WDI and Weather Observation 风向指示器和气象台易碎桅杆
  • Frangible ILS structures: Localizer Supports and GP towers着陆系统易碎结构:定位器支撑结构和GP塔
  • Airport Fencing 机场围栏

Exel Composites is the world's leading manufacturer of composite tool handles and telescopes for various applications:


  • Exelens™ fixed length toolhandles  Exelens™固定长度工具手柄
  • Xtel™ telescopic poles   Xtel™伸缩杆
  • Universal™ telescopic poles   Universal™伸缩杆
  • Quick Lock™ telescopic poles  Quick Lock™伸缩杆
  • Extender™ telescopic poles   Extender™伸缩杆

Composite Toolhandles and Telescopic Poles

Exel Composites is the world’s leading manufacturer of composite tubes, tool handles and telescopes for various applications. In addition to high-quality composite tubes, we offer assembled tool handles and telescopes to OEM businesses, ensuring our customers a leading position in their chosen markets.

In addition to tubes, tool handles and telescopes, we can offer you value adding services:

  • Branding, including printing
  • Assembly
  • Fabrication, e.g. tolerance cutting or drilling
  • Wide range of accessories, including various handgrips, threads and end-plugs

Some typical application areas:

  • cleaning
  • gardening and forestry
  • maintenance (cleaning snow, painting, grinding etc.)
  • flag poles
  • boat hooks
  • microphone booms
  • tripods
  • camouflage support poles
  • camera stands

just to mention few...
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  • 商标打印,包括打印 
  • 组装 
  • 加工,例如:公差切割或钻孔 
  • 提供广泛的配件,包括各种手把,螺纹以及端塞  
  • 清洁 
  • 园艺和林业 
  • 维护(扫雪,喷漆,打磨等)
  • 旗杆 
  • 船拖钩 
  • 传声器架 
  • 三脚架 
  • 伪装用支撑杆 
  • 相机支架


Airport Products


Airport environment has numerous needs where

  • frangibility
  • low mass
  • rigidity
  • transparency to electromagnetic signals
  • minimum maintenance

These are features of high value. With more than 15 years of experience at airports, Exel can satisfy these needs with composite structures, poles, lattice masts, fences etc.

Maximum safety with minimum mass

Approach lighting masts must break on impact so that airplane can continue its performance with landing or take-off. As specified by ICAO, certain airport equipment and installations, because of their function, must be located in an operational area. ICAO specifies further that all such equipment and installations as well as their supports should be of minimum mass and frangible in order to ensure that impact does not result in loss of control of the aircraft.

Such equipment is e.g.

  • approach lighting systems
  • weather measuring systems and wind directions indicators
  • anemometers
  • ILS localizer and glide path equipment
  • radar reflectors
  • fencing




  • 易折性 
  • 重量轻  
  • 刚性 
  • 电磁信号的穿透性 
  • 最低限度维修





  • 进场照明系统 
  • 天气测量系统和风向标 
  • 风速计
  • 航向信标和滑翔道指示装置 
  • 雷达反射器
  • 栅栏



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